Weight Loss Challenge

Challenge yourself to lose weight and get in shape with us with our weight-loss challenges!

Weight Loss Challenge
I Went on a Health-Tracking Hiatus for a Month—Here's What Happened
I Went on a Health-Tracking Hiatus for a Month—Here's What Happened

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Brûléed Blood Oranges with Yogurt & Cardamom
Fresh blood oranges are so sweet they almost create their own caramel under the broiler--a little brown sugar on top seals the deal. A hint of cardamom enhances their aroma. Once you scoop out and eat the caramelized sections, squeeze the remaining blood orange juice over the yogurt.
Broiled Lamb Chops with Charred Blood Oranges
In the south of France, lamb is often grilled on a bed of fresh rosemary and anointed with citrus juice. This lamb chop recipe takes inspiration from that tradition with a wet rub made with lots of garlic plus rosemary and blood orange. Besides being a beautiful garnish, the charred blood oranges are served to squeeze over the lamb for a final flourish of citrus flavor.
Fish Tostadas with Blood Orange Salsa
The salsa that goes with these tostadas is powerfully sweet and tangy but won't drown out the delicate-flavored white fish. Try pairing the sauce with chicken or pork as well.
Citrus Salad with Chia-Celery Seed Dressing
Chia and celery seeds are a nice alternative for this winter salad if you're typically a poppy-seed-dressing fan. Plus, the chia even brings a bit of its famous thickening power to help emulsify the dressing.
Afghan Spiced Tea (Kahwah)
Afghans sip this spiced tea throughout the day.
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